Curtain Fabric

Selecting the Perfect Curtain Fabric

Curtains can change the simple room into an extraordinary one, but for this you have to choose the correct curtain for your room. As it is an important part of home making, you have to know the right way of choosing perfect curtain fabric and drapes for your home. By the right selection of curtains you can make your place an attractive one.

Color of Curtains

Before selecting curtains for your room, you have to be aware about the color of your wall and furniture. You have to make a perfect combination among your curtains, wall color and furniture, and the perfect combination of all can give a perfect look for your room. You cannot ignore the color combination of other elements of your room. If your curtain does not match with the color, furniture, floor color, kitchen, dining room of your room, it will look out of place.

Diaphanous Curtains

You can choose diaphanous curtain with warm colors like orange, brown, yellow etc. for your east, west north oriented room. That will give your room a perfect look.

East Open Room

If your room is opened from east with long windows, you must choose long curtains made with heavy fabrics, which will protect your room from excessive sun rays. And for that type of curtain you can go for grey, blue or green colour. Sometimes sunrays come in east open rooms and fade the color of your carpet or floor, so you have to go with heavy curtain fabric or drapes. Do not go for white or light colored curtains for your east open rooms because it allows sunrays into your room.

Perfect Style

At first, you need to think about the style of your room, then select your curtains according to your style. You don’t need to follow trend always, choose your curtains according to your style.

Curtains for Shady or Sunny Rooms

If your room is a shady and you want to get it lighter, you can use light colored curtains which will allow lights into your room. But if you want to keep yourself in a perfectly shady way then use heavy curtain to get the perfect shady look. For a sunny room you can use the same process, use light curtain for getting lights and heavy curtain for rejecting lights.

Bathroom Curtains

You will find two types of curtain for bathroom, one kind is used to keep the bathroom safe from looking in and the other is for opaque window. You can use both half or full curtains for your bathroom, as you need. But keep in mind that a bathroom curtain generally is white or cream in color, but there are certain conditions too.

Curtains for the Dining Room

First you have to think about the style of your dining place, many people use their kitchen rooms for eating place, many use their dining room for eating too. In both the cases you have to think about the decoration of your place.

Curtains for the Kitchen

Kitchen should get a curtain that does not absorb the smoke and vapour of food, and then you have to use such fabrics.

So, keep your style, decoration, furniture and the environment in mind for selecting right curtain, and make your room a perfect welcoming place.

Curtain Fabric

Select and Buy the Right Curtain Material

The most special designs of curtains adorn the home as maximum as possible.  Many people throughout the world these days understand this truth. Even though they have a desire to buy the first-class curtain, they do not aware about how they can narrow down loads of choices on the subject of curtains. They have to consider the budget, curtain material, design, durability and other factors for choosing the most suitable curtains.  The following details explain a simple way to buy the most expected features of curtains within the budget.

What to Bear in Mind with Curtain Material

Everyone has to focus on different things before they buy anything online or offline. It is not a challenging task to choose the curtain material. However, you have to be prepared for buying high quality curtains made of the best suitable material. If you listen to every fabric for all window treatments, then you can get an overview about how weight, texture, durability and other features of curtain material play the major roles throughout the lifetime of curtains. You will get an idea about how to choose and buy the right curtain fabric after you have focused on the following things.

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Width of fabric
  • Durability
  • Weave
  • Thread count

Make a Clear Plan

Many people do not make a clear plan about curtains shopping these days. They have failed to find and buy the best suitable curtains. If you have this difficulty in recent times, then you can overcome this problem by identifying your requirements on curtain at first. The most outstanding curtain material does not fail to increase the durability of curtain. You have to bear in mind this issue and prefer the best material.  Once you have ensured your window treatments on the whole, you can find out and make sure about the material confidently.

Man-made curtain fibres are recommended for those who seek curtains to keep away from direct sunlight indoors.  These materials do not fade by direct sunlight unlike natural fibres such as cotton. Linen look polyester curtains are recommended for those who seek how to decorate windows with the most exclusive designs of curtains.

Sheer curtains are the best options for everyone who thinks about how to create the maximum privacy in their bedroom without compromising the clear view. The nature of sheer lets natural light into a room.  This is the main reason for why users of sheer curtains these days get the most luxurious experience.  You can have a preference on the sheer curtain and get an inexpensive approach for decorating your window without difficulty.

Women who have planned to create elegant look inside their home by using the most exclusive curtains nowadays prefer sheer curtains. This is because these curtains give the most impressive look and enhance the overall decoration directly. They can have a preference on the triple weave fabric to block out light in certain areas of their home especially a cinema room and a bedroom.  They will get the most expected result from this curtain.

DIY Upholstery

DIY Upholstery Projects to Try at Home

Many home makers are being interested in making the upholstery items by their own to make their home furniture more attractive. Doing the upholstery for your home furniture by yourself will be a great experience and pleasure to all the individuals. There are so many numbers of simple but elegant looking DIY upholstery projects available here with the necessary instructions.

Try these DIY upholstery projects at your home

Upholstery fabric is generally used for the upholstery, chairs, and couches which will be the big investments. If you are going to the professional reupholster services, it will be expensive at all. Thus, it is always better having the simple sewing knowledge to make the own upholstery projects at home.

  • Chair makeover – It is the very simple upholstery project which can be tried by any person at home. This chair makeover upholstery project requires the preparers to remove the seat of your chair and renew the padding and fabric to make it looks very new one. After removing the older upholstery fabric from the chair, it is better taking the measurement of it to stitching the new fabric and fit on to your chair. It will surely get the new look with the impressive appearance.
  • Boxed cushions – The boxed cushions are generally used in all homes on the floors for the sitting purpose. The home makers can simply make a particular size of the square cushion cover and buy the comfortable cushion inserts to simply make this DIY upholstery cushion project at home.
  • Scatter cushions – Scatter cushions will also be the simplest and easy upholstery project which can be done even by the beginners. The process of making the scatter cushions are same like the boxed cushions but you need to choose the feather inserts for the scatter cushion. The feather inserts will provide the greater softness and look to your upholstery cushion.

Other simple DIY upholstery projects

  • Fabric lampshade – When you want to make the nice looking and attractive upholstery item for your living room or bed room, you can make the fabric lampshade upholstery project at home. With the help of the simple upholster methods and lower price, you just easily make these lampshades with the upholstery fabric for decorating your bed room and living room.
  • Ottoman – It is another simple and useful upholstery project that is used in the pair with the armchair or the recliner to place your feet for the comfortable relaxation. These types of upholstered pieces will lose their firmness with the usage and time. While making this DIY upholstery project at your home, you can stuff it with the different materials to improve its firmness.
  • Upholstery Fabric Footstool – It is the very simple upholstery project of making the fabric to reupholster your footstools. You just remove the seat of the stool and get the perfect measurements to make the new upholstery fabric with the attractive and comfortable design.